Operation Information

Before surgery

Keep your feet clean and avoid getting any scratches or sores on your feet as this may affect surgery. Please notify us via the secretary if you have developed any skin problems.

Bring any x-rays or scans with you to hospital

Do not eat or drink from 6 hours before surgery.  You may sip water only until 2 hours before surgery.

On admission

You will be shown to your bed and there will be some paperwork to fill in.

You will see Mr Elliot or Mr Calder who will check the consent form and mark the leg to be operated on.

The anaesthetist will also see you on the ward to talk about the anaesthetic.

Hospital stay

Many foot and ankle procedures can be done as day cases however with more complex operations you should expect to stay in for 1-2 nights.  We will inform you of your expected length of stay at your out-patient appointment.

The physiotherapists will assess that you are safe mobilising before you are discharged.

You will be given an appointment for follow-up in the clinic rooms to check the wound usually at 10-14 days.

After the operation

Feet swell after surgery and therefore it is very important to keep the operated foot elevated as much as possible.

Follow-up appointments

Your dressing will be changed and the wound examined.  A new plaster or boot will be fitted if necessary.

Depending on your surgery, x-rays may be requested.


  • 3 months to be fair
  • 6 months to be good
  • 12 months to be right

Keep your foot elevated above the level of the heart as much as possible for the first two weeks.

If you develop a fever associated with an increase in pain and a discharge from the wound please call our secretary to arrange urgent review.